Reaching your goals with a conceptual approach

Our problem solving process is conceptual and always focuses on the target. Being marketers ourselves we always focus on your customer’s benefits.

Mixing the various ingredients of the marketing mix is our daily business, the multiplication of your brand values with the help of integrated marketing packages our daily routine. Achieving and excelling is a must and we know that we will always be measured on sales through facts and figures and successful business campaigns too.

This is our field of play:

Public Relations

  • Corporate communications
  • Media relations
  • Media cooperation
  • Media events / Media conferences
  • Photo shootings
  • Ghost Writing

Brand Communication / Brand Connection

  • Brand communications
  • Below-the-line communications
  • CI/CD
  • Online communications
  • Sport communications
  • Consumer communications
  • Corporate communications
  • Agenda setting
  • Corporate social responsibility

Sponsoring and Events

  • Sponsoring of events, athletes and teams
  • Product launches
  • Campaign launches
  • Shop openings

Marketing and Sales

  • Market analysis
  • Strategies, concepts and executions
  • Key account management
  • Sales
  • Recruiting of new clients
  • Customer service / Customer relationship