All strategic communication has to be conceptual and multidimensional. You have to navigate in a professional way in the network of your stakeholders to be successful.

2h2m communicates unconventionally and conceptually for the benefit of its clients and their goals and target groups.

To reach these goals, 2h2m covers many areas like: Public relations; media relations; corporate communications; integrated communications; product communications; sponsoring; sport and lifestyle, marketing and sales.

2h2m works with the state-of-the-art communication technology and tools available. It is often the goal to motivate the client’s stakeholders for a reaction to start an ongoing communication process. This set-up needs to be orchestrated in a way that the media gets interested too and spreads the message to an even bigger audience. That’s a great opportunity to generate bigger demand and interest for the products or services of our clients so the image and reputation of the company benefits from the extra coverage, not forgetting the effects in demand and sales.